Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NORA KASTEN Artist Oil Painting "Lilacs" /THE JOURNEY, Day 31

© Nora Kasten
Oil painting on linen  (24" x 30")  From the archives

"Day 31 of The Journey and 4150 miles on Trip-A odometer.
This was a day of viewing beautiful paintings.  The Indianapolis Museum of Art has an Andy Warhol exhibit now but I've already seen more of his work than I ever wanted so passed it up.  It was uplifting though to view the Museum's permanent collections and see again many of my old favorites.

I delivered two paintings to The Brown County Art Guild Gallery this afternoon and was so pleased with all the changes in the gallery.  All changes for good and the new Gallery Director, Jaime Sweany, is a Godsend.  

The day just kept getting better as Brenda Kelly graciously opened her and husband Rick's beautiful Brown County home to myself and four other friends.  Their home is an authentic
Brown County log cabin.  They have enlarged and upgraded with all the amenities that make the cabin still a cabin with all the luxuries of our modern living.  Brenda did a spectacular job with the interior design and the Home & Garden magazines would love to do a cover story on it.  There are many antiques along with . . . . . . are you ready for this?  PAINTINGS, PAINTINGS, PAINTINGS.  BEAUTIFUL PAINTINGS!  Mr. & Mrs. Kelly are collectors of fine art and have been collecting many years.  I'm still pinching myself that I have been privileged to view their collection and I am most thankful."

The photos below are some of those I took with my IPhone in the Indianapolis  Museum of Art.  Obviously, I haven't mastered that camera but it's a start.



martinealison said...

Merci Nora de nous faire partager votre visite... Bisous

Janelle Goodwin said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time in Nashville. The fall colors are beautiful this time of year. Thanks for posting the pics from your iPhone.

Susan Roux said...

Looks like a fun day indeed! Your journey has been filled with wonderful moments. You have such a great attitude. Keep enjoying and thanks for sharing.

Cheri Wollenberg said...

Coming to your site always makes me H&H (happy and humble). I enjoy your paintings so much. Gorgeous!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hello Nora, just stopped in to see some of your work and I must say these lilacs of yours are the very best I have ever seen. Truly beautiful, Nora. I am so sorry to learn of your husband's passing. I pray you are getting on with the business of living a full and happy life knowing he is forever in your heart. Respectfully, Carol.