Thursday, October 21, 2010

NORA KASTEN Artist Oil Sketch "Kathleen Ryan Cox" / THE JOURNEY, Day 32

"Kathleen Ryan Cox"
© Nora Kasten
Oil painting sketch on linen  (20" x 16")

"Day 32 of The Journey and 4160 miles on the Trip-A odometer.

Artist, Ellen Cramer, invited ten other artists to a painting day at her beautiful country home in the rolling hills of southern Indiana today.  Everyone was set up and painting when I got there just before lunch.  My painting gear is down at the bottom of my packed car now so I didn't think that I would paint but the still voice within urged me to ask Kathy if she would sit for me.   Not only that but if I could use her palette, easel, paints and brushes to do her portrait sketch.  She graciously agreed and after Ellen's wonderful lunch, we got started.  I painted for almost three hours and forced myself to stop after the initial layin.  Kathy has beautiful blue eyes that I would like to have shown more but kept reminding myself "this is a rough sketch".

Ellen's husband, Mike, cleared a spot for us in his eight to ten car garage with a loft.  He's a master wood crafter and has every piece imaginable of equipment and tools.  It was a sunny, crisp, chilly day here in Indiana today and Mike heated the garage with a huge wood burning stove.

The Cramer's built their beautiful country estate twenty years ago but it is styled and furnished to resemble the turn of the twentieth century's charm.  Ellen is a very talented  artist along with the ability of a superb cook, graciously entertains and created a home of beauty and comfort, excelling the works of all others.  Her studio with her beautiful paintings is also a great work of art.  How I wish Karl could have seen all that I saw today."


Elena Malec said...

a beautiful portrait and a very engaging story to go with it, Nora dear.

Cheri Wollenberg said...

I love the transition of flesh tones you achieved, and the dramatic contrast you created with her beautiful hair against the dark garment and background.

Anonymous said...

Nora, I enjoyed my day with you and all our friends. Your portrait was beautifully done and I am glad to say I am glad to say I painted with Nora Kasten. A remarkable person and artist! Thanks, Sally Patton