Tuesday, December 28, 2010

NORA KASTEN Artist Oil Painting "Clementine In A Glass"

"Clementine In A Glass"
© Nora Kasten
Oil painting on primed canvas (8"x10") Finished & signed 12/26/10

"This painting is going to be in a fund raising gala for The Naples Museum Of Art to be held in April, 2011.  Three hundred artists across the country are participating and I am honored to be one of them.

The "Friends Of Naples Art Museum" committee contacted me early last summer and I agreed.  But it was shortly after my painting ceased and I devoted all my time to my beloved Karl.  Now that I am led to paint again, I gave this my full attention and thankful because the painting is due back to the committee on or before January, 10, 2011.  I believe I'll make it.  The painting was varnished this morning (Liquin is my varnish) and now it just has to dry.

There is something else on my painting agenda.  It seems to be building up the steam for activation and I hope to share it with you soon."


Karla said...

This is beautiful Nora, as are all of your paintings. I am excited to watch and see what 2011 will bring for you.

Kathy Cousart said...

I love this one. You have such a beautiful style of painting. Lovely!
Thanks for visiting my blog and following...take care!

carol morgan carmichael said...

I really like this one. The gold rim on the glass is amazing. Beautiful piece!

billspaintingmn said...

Happy New Years Nora! I'm glad to see you are painting.
I hope to continue blogging. I will be putting my paintings in a gallery, wish me luck!

Gilberto said...

Nora: Look to the year coming as the one where your dreams are living, were life becomes whole against. You count so much, you are part of all the people that admire you and love you work.
Go Nora go, we will there

Susan Roux said...

Oh Nora, it's beautiful! The committee will be so happy with your painting.

Happy New Year! I can't wait to see what's brewing inside you. I hope I'm not jumping the gun by saying, "Welcome back!"

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