Sunday, February 13, 2011

NORA KASTEN Artist Oil Painting "Floral & Teapot"

First day's work on "Floral & Teapot"
36"x24" On oval, oil primed linen on 1/2"board

 Setup for "Floral & Teapot

"It's a joy to be painting again and this one is for a special place in my home.  I already have the ornate antique gold frame for it but must get those flowers completed today because they're wilting fast.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day and it is with Great Love that I remember Karl and my first Valentines Day together, twenty eight years ago.  He was against the whole Valentines Day thing, saying "It's just a holiday for increasing merchants revenues". . . . .  Karl was always thinking business.  Well, when he learned how unhappy I would be if no valentine arrived, he came home from the office that day with beautiful roses and a Valentine card 36" high, 18" wide and the biggest boyish grin on his face.  How I Loved that man!!

This morning while reading Diane Leonard's blog, I really enjoyed her writing  on LOVE .
She wrote it for Valentine's Day and I hope you will check it out for yourself.
The words below are Diane's and not all of her message but I agree wholeheartedly.

   " Love opens the door to discover our highest potential!
   It let’s our hearts soar and brings us joy.
   Love is all around us -- it is the beauty that we see in our world
Love is what drives us to be our best, 
and to see the best in everyone!
Love is the power to be whatever we want to be.
 Find love in all that you do, in all that you see, 
and share that love with everyone around you."



Carol Blackburn said...

Beautiful work, Nora....and, Happy Valentine's day to you. Mike and I have saved every card we gave each other over our 1st 14 yrs. together and have exchanged boxes to recycly them and give them back again as there is nothing new out there to choose from and we've said it all before so why not say it again...........recycling at it's best. We are weird, according to our family and friends. We don't care!

Susan Roux said...

Happy Valentines Day Nora. What a lovely memory you shared with us. I love it! You made me laugh.

I'm glad you're finding pleasure in painting once again. I agree, Diane's words on love are just wonderful.

billspaintingmn said...

Great post Nora! The things a guy has to do to show his love... And he did! I'm smiling!:)

The painting looks great!

Anonymous said...

You've proven my point! Thank you!