Wednesday, April 27, 2011

"Testing The Water" Oil Painting by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"Testing The Water"
© Nora Kasten
Oil painting on linen  (18"x18")  Created in 2007

"This painting "Testing The Water" was created during a very happy time and I'm happy to post it today.  

A week ago last Sunday night (4/17), after a very good week-end attending Barbara Flowers' "Lunch & Learn" and an evening with my youngest brother and sister-in-law, I came into the house and immediately the uncontrollable, sobbing tears started.  I had fought the tears and sadness for so long but this time I just gave into them and would ride it out, for however long it took.  Well, it was Wednesday morning before I dried those tears of grief and was exhausted with the burden.  At least the overwhelming sadness had lifted.

Just yesterday, while sitting in the car, eating an Oriental chicken salad from Applebee's, my eyes . . .  . and heart were suddenly opened and I was so aware of how the trees and sunlight all around me were truly beautiful and aglow.  My soul was filled with Joy.   It doesn't sound like anything spellbinding but I know that I reached a second milestone, eight and a half months since Karl has passed.  Remembering, the first was at four months."

A Page From "Healing After Loss" by Martha Whitmore Hickman

"He did not say:  You will not be troubled, you will not be belabored, you will not be disquieted: but he said:  You will not be overcome."                  __Julian Of Norwich

    " Sometimes we feel that we will be overcome.  When we are tired and the future looks grim and mined with occasions for potential grief, we feel as though it will be too much for us.  We won't be able to "take it" anymore.
     But the weeks go by and we haven't crumbled yet.  We've been sad, even despairing, continuing to see the future as bleak - but we haven't been overcome.
     And after a while a sturdy confidence sets in.  Look what we have been through!  Look what we have survived.  And if we've done it so far, why not tomorrow, next week and next month and on those occasions which are bound to come when we feel, once again, that we may not make it through? 
     But look!  --  we have!  And we can again."

Affirmation For Today

I am strong.  I am saddened, sometimes tired, discouraged.  But I've made it so far.  I will not be overcome.



Kathy Cousart said...

I am smiling reading your post and so glad that you feel a milestone has passed and you are reconnecting with all around you. This painting is beautiful and I look for many more to come. You are on your way- one step at a time- keep facing the sun and moving forward. Hugs to you!!

Carol Blackburn said...

So beautiful, Nora....glad you have recovered. Sometimes that is all it takes; a ray of sunlight, chirp of a bird, rainbow on the horizon and you feel God's blessing upon you.

Susan Roux said...

Nora this painting is so lovely! You amaze me with all your gifts. I'm happy to hear you're seeing the beauty around you and are able to allow joy back into your heart. Truly another milestone. Yes, you will not be overcome.

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