Thursday, February 16, 2012

"Smell The Roses" Oil Painting by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"Smell The Roses"
© Nora Kasten
Oil painting on linen on board  (24"x24")     February 12, 2012

"It was tempting to not sign this painting but I've eaten a lot of humble pie lately and this is just another bite.  

I purchased a new chrome and black easel the other day that will hold a large canvas and the plan is to experiment with more of the"Contemporary Expressions" I completed a couple of years ago.  Karl didn't especially like those works so I discontinued them but now seems to be the right time to go in that direction again."

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Beach Bride" Oil Painting by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"Beach Bride"
©  Nora Kasten
Oil on linen  (40"x24")   From the 2001 Archives

"Last week we saw the movie "The Artist".  It was a great movie and the wonderful lead actress, Berenice Bejo, reminded me so much of Kathy, the beautiful "Beach Bride" I painted over ten years ago.   The actress looks so much like Kathy.  She's pretty like Kathy but also she portrayed her mannerisms and personality so wonderfully.  It was really a treat for me to see the  movie and remember Kathy.

The home Karl and I shared finally sold last month, January, 2012 and I've moved into the place (home) that is right for me now.  There is a room with an easel, all set up for me to paint, and that's what I intend to do.  There is the beginning of a painting on the easel now (a lady sniffing a bouquet of flowers) but I'm not sure if I will finish it or destroy it.  I'll keep you posted."