Saturday, March 31, 2012

"March Bouquet II" Oil Painting by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"March Bouquet II"
© Nora Kasten

Oil painting on linen on board  (20"x6")    March 31, 2012

"March Bouquet II" is produced on the last day of March and now I want to go into a larger format.  

Yesterday, I had lunch with two very accomplished and successful artists, Joyce Norwood and Abby Warman.   It was so good to be with these friends yesterday, to share with one another and talk the "Art".  I came home with a feeling of thankfulness and enthusiasm to be painting again.  Listening to and heeding the Still Small Voice within always shows us what path to follow and what steps to take.  I am Blessed anew. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"March Bouquet I" Oil Painting by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"March Bouquet I"
© Nora Kasten

Oil Painting on linen on board  (16"x12")   March 26, 2012

"I simply couldn't think of another title so this will be "I", in hopes that "II" and "III" will follow.  

A bump on the tip of my nose was biopsied today so I plan to stay in and paint for the next few days.  Who could have guessed that it would take this to get me back to the easel?

One thing that I would like to share with you is about my MAC and the new "Lion" operating system I've downloaded.  I've lost so many Pages documents and Pictures folders and even my bank can't open up my account using Safari.  They told me to use Google Chrome until they get the issues resolved with Apple and thank goodness, that works.   I am so sorry I upgraded to Lion because everything was working fine until then.  

Have any of you had this problem and how are you solving it?  I really want to go back to the old operating system, Leopard."

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"Bright, Bright Sunshiny Day" Acrylic Painting by Artist NORA KASTEN

© Nora Kasten
Acrylic painting on 2" deep gallery wrapped canvas  (32"x 54")    March 10, 2012

"This painting is on a canvas, custom crafted, by the owner of the Art Emporium art supply and framing store here in Naples, FL.  It's hanging on an end wall of the lanai where I actually executed the painting that took me several weeks to even get started.

The title is from a song I was listening to on the radio while driving one day.  Can you hear the upbeat tune with lyrics . . . .  It's a bright, bright  sunshiny day . . . ?  That's what I was experiencing.

When I cleared out so many things in the house after Karl died, I sent all my acrylic paints to the Salvation Army and had to buy new to do this painting.  I'm still finding my way back but believe that I prefer working in oils the best. "