Saturday, March 29, 2014

Oil Painting from Photo by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"ME & MY BROTHER"  1948
Painting #921   Oil on Linen  (36"x24")   Painted in March, 2007

FROM "THE DAILY WORD"                                                Saturday, March 29, 2014
I am amazed at God’s good.
Wonder reflects a sense of reverence for all of life. I am filled with wonder as I gaze at a drop of rain perched on a leaf or behold the first ray of sunlight over the horizon at dawn.
I expand my sense of wonder by taking nothing for granted. I am captivated as I contemplate the world we live in. Each breath is a miracle­—an intricate collaboration between the cells of my body and nature. Gravity holds me securely to Mother Earth, yet the birds fly with ease in the sky above.
I am immersed in awe and gratitude for what God can do. Whether a tiny baby or a majestic mountain; a grain of sand or a work of art—the creative activity of God is on display within and around me.
God has done this, so that all should stand in awe before him.—Ecclesiastes 3:14

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