Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Painting #925 of 1181 Paintings / Oil on Linen  (36"x24") Completed April 29, 2007

"Today is day six that I've been home from Barcelona, Spain and a Mediterranean Sea Cruise. This afternoon is the very first time I have been well enough or have the strength to come to this computer.  On December 22nd, while in the taxi taking us back to the hotel in Barcelona from the Costa Cruise ship, a horrible attack of vertigo came upon me.  How I wish I had never gotten on that cruise ship.  Barcelona is a wonderful city and that is where I probably should have stayed instead of taking the cruise.  Doing the Epley Maneuver for the vertigo helped me to be able to make the flight back home on the 24th.  Christmas Day was rough but nothing like the vertigo that came on me the next morning.  I'm telling how bad it was so you will know how thankful I am to be getting well today.  A dear friend, Marta and her daughter, Kasey, became my Angels of Mercy and came to my rescue.  Without them, I would still be in a hospital today.  Did Karl send them to me?  I believe so.  How do you thank somebody who does so much?  The cruise wasn't bad.  It was just bad for me."

Daily Word: Daily Inspiration From Unity
Through the power of God within me, my dream comes true and blesses others.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A divine plan for good is at work in my life and in the Universe. My dream is a part of that plan. It comes from God—a vision and desire planted in my soul.
To outpicture this vision, I use my faculty of imagination. With my mind’s eye, I see myself achieving my dream. I allow myself to savor how it feels to see it accomplished.
If I face challenges, I do not become discouraged. I keep focused on my vision, and trust Spirit to reveal my purpose and direction. Confidently, I take the next step. My heart’s desire propels me through any obstacles.
My dream comes from God, and it is for my soul’s unfoldment. I joyfully take my part in the divine plan and bless the world.

You have given him his heart’s desire, and have not withheld the request of his lips.—Psalm 21:2

Monday, December 8, 2014

Painting #700 of 1181 Paintings / Pastel on Sanded Paper (24"x20") Finished April, 2002  SOLD

Painting #1117 of 1181 Paintings / Oil on Canvas (24"x20") Completed March, 2010  SOLD

"My baby, Jason, is forty-seven years old today.  Jason was born three months premature and weighed only two pounds and two ounces at birth.  Today, he is such a handsome, robust man, worries about weighing too much and still fills my heart with Joy.  He is a living Miracle!
Daily Word: Daily Inspiration From Unity

I remember what is true, good, and holy.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Everyday happenings may trigger old feelings, images, or responses. While some of these memories may be sweet and joyful, others may feel painful or challenging.
I release old emotions with the help of Divine grace. As memories come up, I center faithfully in Spirit, acknowledge the feelings, and let them go. Infinite Love comforts me with tenderness, like a caring mother rocking a newborn baby. Basking in God’s compassion, I remember who I truly am—a precious child of the Most High, worthy of all good.
My divine inheritance is wholeness, love, prosperity, and joy. Assured of this Truth, the past no longer has any power over me. I claim my good in full right here and now.

They remembered that God was their rock, the Most High God their redeemer.—Psalm 78:35

Friday, December 5, 2014

Art & Spirit by Artist, NORA KASTEN

Painting #1032 of 1181 Paintings / Oil on Linen (12"x12") Completed May 7, 2009   SOLD

"The suitcase is on a guest bedroom bed waiting to be filled.  I leave for Barcelona one week from today.  Can I share the message I received this morning with you?"

Friday, December 5, 2014     9:00am
“The Spiritual Eye does not see as the physical eye.  Both are necessary for a well balanced life.  You can walk in Spirit while here on Earth.  Make this your intent.  Be open to receive the help.  It is always available.  It is joyful to be in Spirit.  The Spirit is healing and nourishing.  Set the ego on the shelf.  Let it gather dust.  The ego can’t survive in this higher vibration and would like to keep you from surviving too.  Listen to your Higher Power for you are always safe and protected.  No harm can befall you.  Trust, Nora, trust.  Be aware and trust.”
Daily Word: Daily Inspiration From Unity

Divinely protected, I live boldly and confidently.

Friday, December 5, 2014

The protection of Spirit is boundless. Wherever I go, I am guided and safe. The all-seeing wisdom of God is within me, as my inner voice and intuition. It is my steadfast lighthouse, gently guiding me away from stormy situations. Enlightened in the love of God, I am steered toward my highest good.
Knowing I am divinely protected, I live boldly and courageously. I navigate through uncertain situations with supreme confidence, always expecting good. God is within and around me, calling forth the highest expression of humanity in myself and others.
Wherever I am called to be, and whatever I am called to do, Spirit’s omnipotent power is with me. I am protected by the infallible Presence; I am always harbored in love.

Do not fear, greatly beloved, you are safe. Be strong and courageous!—Daniel 10:19

Spirit Message received by Suzanne Giesemann this morning
Body, mind, and spirit … in this reality in which you find yourself, they work together.  Spirit and mind express themselves through the body.  You say, “Listen to your body.  What is it telling you?”  This is good advice, but the body does nothing on its own.  You are far more than the body.  It is directed by the other two team members.  Spirit is at work all the time and all around you, but in this dimension it is often unnoticed without body and mind.  Mind appears to make decisions and choices, but these are for naught if not impelled by spirit and enacted by body.  

All is a team effort, as is everything in your world.  Were it not for your personal team’s interactions with other teams around you, little would be accomplished and growth would be stymied.  Listen to your body.  Use your mind to make the highest choices.  Honor the spirit, and then see these three aspects in all around you.  This view changes things, and change—most especially in the direction of growth toward love—is the name of the game.