Thursday, December 3, 2015

Art & Spirit by Artist, NORA KASTEN


#1021 of 1186 Paintings / Completed December21, 2008         SOLD

#108 of 1186 Paintings / Oil on Linen  (17"x 19")  Completed November, 1993   SOLD

"This date, December 3, is especially meaningful to me.  My beloved husband, Karl, and I first met in Indianapolis, IN on December 3, 1982."

From Unity's "DAILY WORD"
Let Go, Let God
I freely let go and let God be God in me.
Thursday, December 3, 2015

One of the key words in the phrase “let go, let God” is the word let. Allowing myself to let go means stepping out in faith. If I am accustomed to self-reliance, this act of trust may feel more like a leap than a step.
I take that time now. I relax and allow myself to simply be with God. I let go of the need to be in control. I remember that I do not have to know and do everything. I do not have to be in charge; I can relax and just be. What a freeing feeling! What a comfort to know I do not have to do anything alone.
There is a continuous presence at work in my life guiding me on my way, blessing and supporting every step. I let go and let God be God in me.

Let each of you lead the life that the Lord has assigned, to which God called you.—1 Corinthians 7:17

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