Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Anniversary Roses" by Nora Kasten

"Anniversary Roses"   Oil on Linen    (40"x30")

This 25th anniversary bouquet is very special to me.  My husband, Karl is quite ill with heart and lung disabilities.  For the last five months he has been homebound, on oxygen 24/7, walking with a walker and it's very hard for him to speak because of his shortness of breath.  Somehow he managed to get his message across to a local florist for this huge bouquet for me.  Our good friends and neighbors, the Gaskins, brought over the champagne and beautiful card.  Karl has not been in physical pain through his ordeal but is very, very weak.  Life is most precious and we're thankful for every hour.
Now, you probably can understand why I'm painting non-stop for days on end.


Rosemary said...

This is beautiful beyond words - and oh so special! I'm so sorry Karl is ill. How fortunate he is having you! I'm sure your painting brings him much joy. Thoughts and prayers are with both of you. Thanks for sharing these magnificient paintings with us.

Nora Mackin said...

What a gorgeous bouquet of roses these are. I'm sorry to hear your Karl is not well. But I'm sure he loved looking at this.