Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oil Painting "John Simrell / Whole Foods" by Artist NORA KASTEN / Naples, Florida

"John Simrell / Whole Foods"
  © NORA KASTEN 2010
Oil painting on canvas  (30 x 24 inches)

"This is my son, John, who is the Regional Director Of Finance for Whole Foods.   His photo was taken one day when he was on the huge market floor, downstairs from the corporate offices in Roswell, Georgia.  John's photo is on my desk along with the pictures of his brothers, my other three sons.   Recently, John and his wife, Colleen, have taken on the big job of helping his brother, Jett, and it was on the spur of the moment this past week that I decided to paint John from the photo." 


Gilberto said...

Nice to now your son, Nora. You are an amazing Lady; Great painter, great wife, and great mother, what is more there to discover Loki to have found you, an honor to be accepted as friend

Susan Roux said...

Hi Nora,

Painting from a photo is very different for you. Did you find it more challenging than painting from life? I recognize you and your warm sweet qualities in his face. I would guess he's very kind. Very nice.

(You know, the other sons will want you to paint them next...)

Nora Kasten said...

I'm the lucky one to count YOU as my friend.

Nora Kasten said...

I don't think there is as much life portrayed in a painting from a photo but I know my sons and it's easier to paint them. Twenty seven years ago, when I first began to paint, my first paintings were of each one of my four sons' first year photographs. They look like painted photographs but they're precious because they were my first paintings. Over the years I've painted them all several times but mostly from life. Since doing John's painting last week I'm now thinking of doing my son Jason at the Carving Station wearing his chef hat.

I still want to do a Small Studio Space article too.