Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Brush-Mate Electric Cleaner used by Artist NORA KASTEN

Clean Brushes

This info was planned for "This Small Space Art Studio" article I'm working on to publish later but just have to post it after seeing Stapleton Kearns blog today.  Cleaning our paint brushes.

You can't see the cord on the Brush-Mate but it is electric.  I do a quick clean up of my brushes at the end of the day's painting by swishing the brush in turps to get most of the paint out and wipe with Viva towels.  Then I  turn on the Brush-Mate, put the brushes (sometimes 4 or 5 at a time) in, roll them all at once with my hand back and forth in the swirling cleaner while I count fast to 25.  I turn the Brush-Mate off and take one brush out at a time, wipe and shape it with a Viva towel . . . the job is done.

The Brush-Mate has been the best thing since cotton candy for me.  The brushes you see in the background are all old. . . . I mean really old.  New brushes have been ordered though and most of these will go to the Art League here in Naples for the children's classes this summer.

I don't remember the price or which art supply company I bought my Brush-Mate and cleaner  from but when this one quits, I have to buy another one right away.  Can't be without it now.


martinealison said...

Hi Nora,
je ne connais pas votre produit miracle pour le nettoyage des pinceaux.
Personnellement, une fois après les avoir nettoyé avec de l'essence thérébentine, je les lave en les massant délicatement avec un savon se présentant en bloc puis je les rince bien.
Je ne parviens pas vraiment à les sauver de l'usure... Je travaille avec des petites martres.(00,2,4 et 6 pour les plus gros!) Les poils dans leur longueur diminuent très vite.
Serait-ce une solution pour éviter ça ??? MERCI.

Susan Roux said...

Thanks Nora. I remember you showing this to me, but now I can remember the name easily. Your old brushes look wonderful. I'm just not sure I would be so good at using it. I paint all over the place and don't always return to the studio at the end of the day...

With your set up, I can see its perfect!

Nora Kasten said...

I wish that I could say yes but the electric brush cleaner tends to be hard on our brushes. Since I dislike cleaning so much it's worth replacing brushes maybe a little sooner.

Sure hope you're feeling better everyday now.


Ralph said...

I have a similar gadget it takes time to set it going but it does make a good job and is very good with the nozzles of airbrushes.

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