Sunday, October 31, 2010

NORA KASTEN Artist Oil Painting "The Emerald Ring"

"The Emerald Ring"
It's Sunday evening and I believe that I have all the accounts in order . .  . . .  finally!  Now I know why Karl spent so many hours here at this desk.  And a five week backlog of mail was tough to tackle too.  Art sales have certainly been down this year but there are still art records to keep up to date.

I say that I'm playing house because everyday since returning home from The Journey, I have been moving and rearranging paintings and furniture in my home.   I'm changing many accessories in the house and just giving my home an uplift.  I bought a new Viking Sapphire 835 sewing machine yesterday and will be making new drapes for the master bedroom this coming week.  Wow! For all of you who sew but haven't looked at the new sewing machines for years, what a surprise.  It's digital this and digital that.  I'm looking forward to the project.  

Before being an artist, I was an interior designer and loved design work.  So, it's no surprise to me that doing these things now really help stave off the tears and sadness.


Susan Roux said...

It sounds like a wonderful project! I used to sew for the home and loved doing it. Now only a few curtains remain that have my imprint on them.

What color have you chosen?

Sarah Howe said...

Such a beautiful painting! LOVE IT! And I would be excited to see also, the work you are doing to your home! I am fascinated my design

Nora Kasten said...

Susan, there was two rolls of plaid fabric under the bed that I've had for six years. I bought the fabric in Miami when I was decorating this house in the beginning and contracted the Workroom to make the drapes, lined in the same fabric. They used a white liner instead so I had all this fabric left over.

Not just the lining but everything about those massive drapes were displeasing to me and yet, I thought we could live with them and we did for 5 years.

A year ago last Spring when Karl's hospital bed was in the master bedroom, I wanted to cheer up the room for him and proceeded in the big task of taking down those drapes and big cornices. That's when I fell off the ladder and broke my left wrist.

I ended up in the hospital overnight with surgery the next morning and another surgery 6 months later but as an outpatient. Claude, our wonderful handyman finished the job for me, even repainting the walls where the cornices had left big holes. The room was certainly a lot cheerier but now it's time to have the window treatments that I wanted in the first place and fortunate to still have the fabric of my choice.