Friday, October 1, 2010

NORA KASTEN Artist Oil Painting "Red Roses" / THE JOURNEY, Day 12

"Red Roses"
© Nora Kasten
Oil painting on linen on board (8"x 10")  SOLD

"Today is day 12 on The Journey and seven weeks ago this evening that my beloved Karl died.

And today really is a new day for me.  I've made a conscious decision to fully and lovingly accept, even embrace the life God gives to me each day without Karl.   Late yesterday, after much agonizing tears and still resisting life without my beloved Karl, the answer finally came.   The answer in one word is "ACCEPT".  It could have been surrender because that's what I am doing, wholeheartedly.  God's untold Peace has replaced the heartbreaking agony and I KNOW that everything will be alright and better now.  Sadness is still there at times but the Peace sustains me.  When the still small voice within says "paint", I'll be painting.

This is a good time to tell all you dear ones who have lifted me up with your loving kindness, actions and words how very much I love and appreciate you.  We'll get back to an art blog real soon."

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Susan Roux said...

Hi Nora. You amaze me. If you've reached acceptance, you are ready to move forward. A new chapter is beginning and awaits you. I hope that little paint voice starts whispering. I miss the lovely art you produce. This one you posted is so moving and powerful. I like it a lot.

See you tomorrow...