Wednesday, December 7, 2011

"The Magi" Oil Painting by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"The Magi"
Oil Painting on linen on board  (30"x24")
In the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moriarty

"The Druid Hills Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA will feature "The Magi" on the cover of their Worship Order this coming Sunday, December 11, 2011.  Blessings to the congregation and many thanks to them for choosing my painting."


Friday, December 2, 2011

"Floral Delight" Oil Painting by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"Floral Delight"

Oil painting on linen on board  (10"x8")
Recently purchased by John and Jerri Ramsey of Carmel, Indiana
From The Brown County Art Guild, Nashville, IN

"I hope this page from Martha Whitmore Hickman's "Healing After Loss" is helpful to you.  It's just what I needed today."

"I was beginning to do better.  I thought I was doing better, but a few days ago the holidays just hit me." -  This was from a widow, contemplating her first Christmas alone.

"Memories are always there to hook us, to make the grief fresh again - birthdays, anniversaries, summer vacation -- any occasion of "the first time around" without our loved one.  But the Christmas holidays, the Hanukkah observances, when the whole world seems poised for celebration, are among the most difficult times of year for survivors of loss.  Each of us has a time-honored list of things "we always do" - go to services, hang the stockings, light the candles, share traditional foods.  They are part of our identity and our joy in being alive in a world together - and now one of the key people with whom we shared that joy is gone.  Is it any wonder we cringe from the thought of the holidays?

We will get through it, and probably better if we can talk about it with others who are feeling the same loss.  Reaching out to others for whom this is also a difficult season (especially the lonely) will help, and will express the deeper meaning of the season."


"I know this will be a hard season for me.  I will take one day at a time.  I will acknowledge when grief hovers close.  And I will try to be open to times when joy may surprise me, too."