Sunday, August 26, 2012

My New Art Studio Location by Artist, NORA KASTEN

"Self Portrait Demo" by
David Leffel

"I watched this demo by David Leffel this past week.  He painted it from a photo and also he was in front of a mirror.  I'm inspired to paint a self portrait from a photo that is blurry but that may work for my benefit.  

The sketch on canvas was done last Thursday, thinking I could paint on Friday.   Not so because the Comcast tech was working in the den (my studio) in my friend's home and he created other things for me to do.  Too bad because Saturday I had to begin the big job of moving my art studio to another location here in Naples.  The storm, Isaac, is on us right now but I got the last load of painting gear to the new location just before the rain this morning.  My energy is exhausted but tomorrow I should be able to get my new place organized and possibly move my office too.  Even with this big detour I'm still enthused about painting."


Carol Blackburn said...

Stay safe, Nora. Looking forward to seeing your first work from the new studio.

Susan Roux said...

Sounds very busy there! Do tell me more about this new studio. I know your art space has been reduced since your move. Are you now renting a studio space? Oh the creativity that will pour out will be wonderful, I just know it.

Keep safe in this season.

Aiesha said...

This painting has so much personality. I like your painting. Nice colours in addition. I really appreciate for your work.

Hawaii Art

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