Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paintings by Artist, NORA KASTEN

Some Paintings Back on my Walls

"White Rose"  Oil on linen on board  (30"x14")

 "Hydrangeas"  Oil on gallery wrapped canvas   (24"x24")

 "Peonies In Copper Pot"  Oil on linen   (24"x36")

 "Morning"   Oil on linen   (36"x48")

 "A White Rose"   Pastel on sanded paper   (28"x 22")

"Tumbling Roses"  Oil on linen on board   (30"x30")

"Several of my paintings have been stored in a good friend's home for the past year but now I have space and brought them home.  These are only a few of the total.

The hand surgeon put a pin in the finger (ring finger, right hand) I broke at Christmas time but I am struggling with it.  The pin will be removed the 27th of February when hopefully everything has healed in place.

One month is almost past already in 2013.  Did time always move this fast?  

Please join me in lifting up the great artist, Don Hatfield, in prayer.  This month and next are the one year anniversaries of the deaths of his wife and then his daughter.  Don is now raising his three grandchildren without those dearly Beloved women in his life.

Good wishes and Blessings to All