Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ego & Spiritual Quest by Artist, NORA KASTEN


Nora in France      April 23, 2014

"This is my 9th day home from the beautiful French Countryside and Paris.  Shouldn't jet-lag be over?  I'm not complaining because this resting time has provided me with new Spiritual insights and enlightenment.  

While an unfinished painting remains on the easel, I have been reading "Listening" by the author, Lee Coit.  Well, actually, I've been reading three of his books now.  As is always the case, when we ask, we receive.  I was so hungry and thirsty for more Spiritual leading after returning from the France trip (I Am always eager for more) but a last minute thought before hanging up the phone with my friend, Doris, I asked her if she had a book title for me . . . .  immediately, she told me "Listening".   Right away I downloaded the book from Amazon and I was off and running.  Well not running but walks on the beach and plenty of reading.

I am Blessed abundantly and feel led to share some of my Blessings with you.  I realize that  the world at large does not want to hear about the phenomena I experienced on January 18, 2013 and since March of this year, 2014, I have been quiet about it.  Do you want to know how I became aware not to tell everyone?  If not, don't read any farther.  

One thing I have learned on this special Spiritual Quest for me is that we are actually creating our life here on Earth.  Nothing comes to us that we have not consciously or unconsciously asked  to experience.  I Am experiencing the Peace now that I have asked for even though Karl is no longer physically with me.  I realize now that it was always within me but I didn't know it.  Well, to get to this other thing . . . . . I was being bombarded with one person after another coming to me to talk, talk, talk about themselves, their accomplishments, etc., their egos big time and I just didn't want to hear it.  I truly LOVE everyone so I was put out with myself for feeling this way.  I knew I wasn't pushing my art onto others and I was baffled why this was happening to me.  (I couldn't believe Nora had asked for this in her life).  The answer came, as it always does.  This time it was The Still Small Voice showing me that my messages were for me personally and how I was coming across to others when sharing my Spiritual messages.  Everyone can receive their own messages and they really aren't that interested in mine. 

The Spiritual Quest of this past year has revealed to me how the ego, given free rein, is such a detriment to me on this Spiritual path or journey.  The daily writing and meditations have been so helpful to me and below, I want to share a small portion of the "Morning Pages" I received today." 

"Question everything, Nora, but Trust that All is Well.  You need only to let go (of ego) and stay steady the course laid out for you.  Your path continues on in the Flow of Holy Spirit.  Sometimes you have to lift the oars and just float.  You’ve cried enough tears to fill the ego’s river and what have you received?  The ego’s burden is always too heavy for you.  In the Flow of Holy Spirit, there is no burden.  There is Peace, LOVE, and Harmony.  Yes, be thankful for your gifts.  Use them and open your heart for more.” 

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