Thursday, July 31, 2014

Painting Walls Today by Artist, NORA KASTEN

Painting #596    Oil on Linen   (24"x20")     Completed June 15, 2000
In the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Morris
"Another painting slideshow was just published to Utube.  

Today, I will be painting . . . . . but not on canvas.  I Am painting two walls here at my desk a nice accent color, grey.  Here's a "Before" photo I just took with my IPhone."

This message is from Adam James today                                   Thursday, July 31, 2014
"Insecurity is among one of the worst diseases that can plague a person. Insecurity makes you feel less than perfect about yourself, causes you to doubt yourself and fear life, and massively limits your happiness and achievement in general.
Luckily, once you figure out the true cause of insecurity, and how to eliminate it, you'll begin to experience fantastic shifts in your life. This is what you'll learn from this post.
Most people think that to have security you need to find something or somebody in the outer world who will give you something that will make you feel secure. No one can give you anything before you give it to yourself. If you cannot give it to yourself, then no one else can give it to you, either.
This means that anything you're seeking right now to feel secure - such as money, a job, a girlfriend/boyfriend, the approval of others, etc. - none of these will fulfill that need until you've  given yourself inner security.
"Some of the things people think they need to feel secure are acknowledgement and recognition, praise, love, fame, and fortune.
Often love and attention is demanded and sought after from others in a very specific way - so many phone calls a week, so many hugs, so many times the other person says, "I love you." Security needs can also include the need to feel the world is safe, to feel that you are special, to feel a part of something. Many of you look to others to give this to you, and you find constant disappointment.
You can satisfy your security needs yourself - you can love and accept yourself, believe that the world is safe, and acknowledge and recognize your accomplishments.
Ultimately, only you, not other people, can fulfill these needs for yourself. 
Security primarily comes from having something in your life that is bigger than yourself, something you are reaching for, something that attracts, pulls, and calls to you. It makes the petty hurts and insignificant events small by comparison.
 Still many of you seek that bigger thing in each other, rather than in your own growth.
 You might think you will feel more secure by keeping things unchanged, maintaining the status quo. Yet, security only comes from taking a risk, opening up, and discovering more of who you are.
Some people have discovered when they try to keep their world safe by not taking risks they end up even more scared and insecure. Facing fear always lessens it. You may have noticed when you did something new you felt braver and stronger in other areas also."
- Orin, Living with Joy
Intending your highest good,

Adam James"                                                                                                                                                 


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