Monday, January 18, 2010

Artist, NORA KASTEN Beginning Day Three

Day Three of this oil painting on gallery wrap canvas  (30"x 40"x 1.5")
I'm still not certain how this will end.

"Please visit my website to view more paintings" 

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Gilberto said...

Day Three; I confess to have difficulties to follow the drama I suppose is going in on to your artistic brain. Is easy to du wrong and take meditated action to correct a mistake. Nora start with a simple perfect, red , yellow and blue harmonic choice, nest day works tones, values an options whit the correctness of a crossword, and without losing the delicate balance travels, the third day, hundred degrees of the color wheel, harmony, freshness, transparency and composition, steel present, nothing lost! And at last, Nora let us with the suspense of a fourth day. What a treat!!!